Kristine Weitz broke out of the Vegas scene to release seven albums, with tons of hit singles on the Billboard dance charts over the years. Albums like Land of the Living and Stronger became some of her strongest work and the songs were staples in the gay clubs.Kristine has continually supported the LGBT community over the years, including performing in Las Vegas’ gay Pride parade last year.

She returns, after several years, to the Windy City at Circuit Nightclub this week. Windy City Times called her to talk about new music and serving her dance fans.

Windy City Times: Hello, Kristine. How is Vegas treating you these days?

Kristine W: It is really cold for us today. It is about 40 degrees. It is a little “nipple-y” out here!

WCT: You better pack some warm clothes for Chicago if that is cold for you. I noticed it is the 20th anniversary of your album Land of the Living.

KW: Let’s see. It is the 20th anniversary of “Feel What You Want.” We have a package of really fun remixes coming out. There is a DJ named Hannah Wants in London who will put it out there, since I came out of the London dance scene. It is keeping in contact with my history.

WCT: You are premiering your new music at this Chicago event?

KW: I will perform a little bit of the first single. It is not out yet so I have to be a little careful. I may just do a little piece of it for the crowd just to wet their whistle.

I have been in the studio for this past year. I started working on the album three years ago. As soon as I release one album I usually just start going onto the next one. That is how I roll. I’m a worker bee and I love coming up with new fun stuff. You are going to love it. This album is really cool.

WCT: What type of dance music is it? Is there a house-music influence?

KW: There is definitely house in there. There is also some EDM flavor. It has some of everything that is happening in dance but with a little more musical slant to it. I am taking what is happening now and making it more musical.

I have added live instrumentation. Obviously, vocals have been missing in tracks that have come out in dance music recently. These are real songs that are put into the format but in a clever way to not lose the genre. It is challenging to stay within the genre but have a message.

It can’t sound dated so you have to make sure your production is solid. I have been working with many guys from Europe on this. It is quite the mashup with international people. We will see how this works out!

There is a lot of 3 a.m. Skyping because of the time difference. That is why I am so tired.

WCT: Do you work through email? I hear more artists are doing that recently.

KW: Yes, Skyping and email. With video I can play chord progressions for my collaborators. I have been working with Giuseppe D. who is a great producer. He is from New York. He’s an amazing musician and has also been immersed in dance productions for a long time.

WCT: Are you releasing this music on your label Fly Again Music?

KW: We might come out on a British label with this album. We have been in talks, so that is why it is a little slowed down. Usually one of my albums would be out by now. We have been in negotiations with several UK labels. Things go much slower working with other labels than with my independent label.

They have more money to promote it but I have to wait in line with other releases coming out. It is a whole different ballgame.

We are trying to weigh and measure that. If it takes too long we have to make sure it is worth it. I would love for the album to come out on a British label because that is how the whole party started. It feels like good karma and timing to do that again.

We shot the music video. I worked with Moto Blanco on this and they did the album version of the first single. It is called “Out There.” The album may or may not be called Out There but it is looking like it will be. It is because I am always out there performing. She is always out there hitting it! [Laughs]

WCT: Hopefully it is out there by June to hit those gay Prides.

KW: Yes—that is the thing. I really want to get the single out first quarter and hopefully very soon after that the album. We only have two songs left to do. We are down to the finish line, woo woo!

WCT: People may not realize how long this process takes.

KW: It really takes a long time. When you are like me then you write a whole lot of songs and weed out the bad ones. I take the cream of the crop and the ones I want to listen to many times.

WCT: With David Bowie passing recently, I was wondering if he was an influence on you.

KW: He totally was. I always loved his work. “Let’s Dance” was an anthem for me. It came out when I knew I wanted to perform dance music. It is very powerful. We did a medley of songs about dancing in my Vegas show, and that was part of it.

WCT: For this Chicago appearance are you bringing dancers with you?

KW: I am coming by myself for this show. I am partnering with DJ Escape. He likes everything very seamless. Everyone will be dancing and the diva just pops in out of nowhere.

When I bring dancers, it feels more Vegas and more of a show. I think he just likes the diva to be part of the night and to be woven into the night. His “Served” night is almost like serving up your entree. There are different courses. I have done this with him in San Francisco and it is very cool. You come out of nowhere and he segues you into whatever he is playing at that moment.

WCT: Will this be a late night?

KW: I don’t think I will go on until at least 1 a.m. I will be ready to serve it up!

Look for DJ Escape and Kristine W at Circuit Nightclub, 3641 N. Halsted St., on Saturday, Jan. 23.